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December 29, 2010

Nintendo WFC Monitor?

Recently, a new page, a subdomain of, was discovered. It is located at , which redirects to .
Heres a preview of the page:

Ugh, it is hard to work with Blogger right now. I know HTML code, but all the extra tags it throws in here doesn't help any.

Maybe it is a place with cool stuff like "incoming connections", "outbound megabit/sec" and other awesome stuff on graphs. I emailed Nintendo asking for contact information for someone who can talk to me about this. I hope to get a reply soon.

Well, anyways, I think it's time to give some love to our cats. They are meowing a bit, and they are so cute when they do that.


This is my Nintendo Wi-fi Connection Blog, where I write about the Nintendo WFC servers, and other cool stuff like that!

Now, I will show you some links:

There are more, which I will detail later.