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January 21, 2011

Pokemon Platinum Global Trade Station Network Traffic

This is network traffic. It is a bit rough, but I captured it all. AUSTIN7 is my computer, I networked the DS through it.

It was to wide to post here, so here it is:

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This was recorded with Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4.
If you would like the capture file (it includes all the payload data as well), ask me. It needs to be opened by Network Monitor 3.4, which you can get from Microsoft's Download Center for free.
(There are 3 versions, download them all and try them one by one to find the one that supports your processor. One will.)
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The Power Of Google

Oh, how I love Google! This is my search for inurl:
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January 9, 2011

An early Nintendo WFC

In the beginning of DS, there was the WFC, one of the first games being the ever loved Mario Kart DS.

But before that, an early "Wi-fi connection" existed-in Japan.
Believe it or not, Pokemon Crystal version had it's own "WiFi Connection" (almost), known as the Pokemon Communication Center.

The Game Boy had a special connector that would connect to your cellphone. After doing that, you can connect to Nintendo's servers, and you could battle, trade, and do other random stuff.

More or less, an early "Wi-Fi connection" (almost.) There was a time limit, though.

Nintendo didn't market it here because they though that, unlike in Japan, cellphones weren't all that popular here. Keep in mind that this was back in 1999. Things are very different than they were then. Cellphones usually didn't have color screens (much less cameras or web browsing).

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