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May 14, 2011

Update: Flipnote Hatena

Aha! I've managed to dupe the Flipnote Hatena servers! Using a special proxy, I modified the x-dsi-isd header and now, at least for the mail function, the server responds to both DSi's as if they are one.

I havn't managed to get all the other functions fixed yet, the server sets cookies, too.

I'll post a picture as soon as I can find another camera (I can't take a picture with my DSi in this case...)
I had a little fun:

And the undeniable truth:

I'm trying to configure it so that it has full functionality.

May 3, 2011

Flipnote Hatena

I've been very busy, but I figured it's time for another update.
This details the Nintendo DSi <-->Flipnote Hatena connection.

When first connecting to the Internet, Flipnote Studio seems to skip the customary connection check to

Instead, it attempts to download: (The terms of use)

and then: (the message telling you about uploading flipnotes/locking them; as well as the usual "Nintendo/Hatena is not responsible if you do anything bad" message) (This tells you about downloading flipnotes when you do) (This is for when you delete a flipnote)

Please note that you cannot access any of these pages, because you will receive a Not Authorized message. The reason is that your DSi sends certain HTTP headers, including one called "X-DSI-ID". If you approach it without the X-DSI-ID header or have any other headers out of place, it won't work.

I can get past this because of magic.

It then loads this (the main page):

This is me checking my mail:

This is me reading a mail message:

You can read this from a browser:

This is me doing a command search for YXRAA:

Graphics seem to be in the nbf format, some other formats include:
htm (yes, I downloaded some of these), txt (these too), nbf, ntft, ugo (as in ugomemo, or flipnote), ppm (These are flipnote files. I can decode them on my computer), npf (thumbnails of flipnotes).

I'll upload copies of some of these files.

I'll be posting the internal files/directory structure of the DSi Browser and the DSi Shop (which I got myself. Took an hour at least) soon. Here's a few previews:

Update: @ Nick The reason why you can't see any of the other system files is because inside the root directory, there is a filter file. (filter.ini) It reads as follows:
prioritize excludelist=0


Unfortunately, I can't divulge how I do it, due to the probability of Nintendo copyright lawyers getting on my case.

Also, data:* refers to certain files, such as images, being built from a data stream: such as the background image on the Google 404 page.