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June 28, 2011

Update: Flipnote Servers

Hey, if you're reading this post, be aware that it's from back in 2011! Look at this Flipnote server test video instead!
Read the original post after the break!
Some notes, though:
The ugo files are actually utf16le encoded base64 strings.
@Test string
would become

I sound like a total noob in this post.
I probably was more of a noob at that time, anyways!


Well, I just got back onto the internet, but I'm now connecting my DS to my computer, and it has finally successfully connected to my apache server (and thought it was Flipnote Hatena!)
I need an index.ugo, so I guess I'll grab that right now!

I'd take a picture of my DSi right now, but... darn, I don't have another camera.

My Flipnote Hatena main menu reads as follows:


Hmm, wonder which one I renamed to index.ugo? Could it be my inbox.ugo? xD

Well, the format they use to recode labels seems easy enough to break...

*Excerpt from my "trying to decipher ugo" file:*

I am trying to decipher ugo files.
SwBpAG4AZwBPACYg KingO (might be truncated, IDK)
WQBvAHUAcgAgACYg Your (' ')
WQBvAHUAJwB2ACYg You'v (' ')
TgBvAHQAaQBjACYg Notic (' ')

Lets see. From that,

WQ = Y
BV = o
AH = u  //? Hmm.

Let's try to separate into letters...wait a minute...

Yep, that's it. I think ACYg is the "..." part.

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Back to work, this is Austin Burk.

Look here:

It reads, "[WMA]ドラえもん id:karpador9000 ". I have no idea what karpador9000 is supposed to mean, anyways...ah, it's Magikarp in German.

UPDATE (yes, I know, an update to an update...):I'm now trying to post a flipnote via putty.
Update to updated update: (say what?)Nope, didn't work too well, putty client doesn't like to send pasted binary stuff...