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August 9, 2011

Intelligent Systems Software/(Hardware)

Recently I've been scouring the Internet for Nintendo development hardware for sale. I've got an old software version of the Revolution SDK and the Nitro SDK, but that doesn't do much if I don't have the hardware.

I got close to getting an IS (Intelligent Systems) Nitro Emulator, a dummy DS Lite tethered to a blue box, but the bidding came up to around $430. My maximum bid was around $150. I didn't have any more, so now I'm working my rear off (well, working more) earning more money in case another one comes on the market.

On a high note, I've discovered something rather interesting: Software Informer ( )
has Nintendo Development software in their index. Unfortunately, the download link points to .

Speaking of, I'm trying to map out their website with a combination of brute force folder searching and looking through files for extra links. Woohoo!

Now I've found some download images. (download buttons, etc.)

More to come.