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December 29, 2013

PHOTOS: Flipnote Hatena Meta Tags

Hey! It's been a while since I posted anything of substance here! What do you think? Images after the break!
Leave any feedback or questions here:
and here:

Sorry for the watermarks, I guess my watermark maker wasn't watertight!
Austin Burk (Sudofox)

December 24, 2013

A little of my PHP code | Why I've been so busy lately

Post by Sudofox's Flipnote Hatena Service.
I know that this is a bit of a departure from my usual blog format, but it's Christmas and I won't worry about it.

December 19, 2013

Coming soon: Make your own Creator's room themes!

I'm making a 'make-your-own-theme' pack of sorts. I'm still trying to figure out the palette and format for the creator's room themes, but I'm making a little progress:

I'll figure it out sooner or later.

December 18, 2013

I'm going to take a break.

Well, it looks like my Apache service has quit working. Completely. I messed something up while trying to install a PHP extension (not sure if it's related), accidentally hit 'remove service', and now I can't seem to fix it. I'll probably back up my data and re-install the server.

For now, however, I think I'll kick back and relax. I've been trying to work on three projects at once, one of which is just a little one, but seems to have messed up my WAMPserver. 

To answer your question now: I'm going to stop working on the Flipnote service until next week, when I'll have an abundance of free time.

Hey, maybe I'll take the time to make some creator's room templates!

To be honest, before I do any more coding, I need to sketch up a good workflow diagram. I kinda rushed into this, and before it gets unmanageable, I'm going to organize it. This will mean less stuff for the public to see at the moment, but will mean a calmer me and cleaner code.

Have a wonderful day!

Austin Burk

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December 16, 2013

Got this in my mail today... (Wolfram|Alpha Feedback)

It's always nice to find out that you've made a difference in
something, isn't it?

I know that this is a bit off-topic, but it was nice to get this in my email.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Wolfram|Alpha Team <i*f*@w*o*p*r*m*l*h*.c*m>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 16:54:49 UT
Subject: Wolfram|Alpha Feedback
To: ********@*******.com

We have received your feedback regarding Wolfram|Alpha.

The information you were looking for is now available on our website.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for helping us improve Wolfram|Alpha.

Best wishes,

*****<Name removed>******
The Wolfram|Alpha Team

> Input: bitcoin
> Name: Austin Burk
> Email: **********@********.com
> Country: United States
> Occupation:
> Organization:
> Id: <removed>
> Date Received: 2013-12-04 14:14:19
> Message: Would you please add recognition for bitcoin to other currency conversions? Or the bitcoin value, charted over a specific period of time; or the hashing power as a chart?
> Thanks!

December 8, 2013

Have some blurry photos.

Have a nice day! You can subscribe on the right, if you're interested at all.

Austin Burk

December 7, 2013

The Music of the Stars

Have you ever actually added a purple star? I have (at least three hundred times) if only because of the delightful chiming melody of the Add Star button.

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by Austin Burk

November 29, 2013

Today (11/29) I did...

Today I implemented the keyboard function and the 'Write mail' function in my server.
The 'Write mail' function is only partially implemented, unfortunately, but I'll fix that once I figure out how to format the address-book menu correctly.

See the videos after the break! Feel free to give me suggestions.


November 28, 2013

Update: November 28th (Thanksgiving)

Ah, what a wonderful day I had with my family! I love Thanksgiving.

I have one or two questions that I've been asked more than once and I
thought I'd address them now.

1. When can I connect to the server? When will it be available?

Not by December. When I started out, it was a personal project that I
was working on during the meager amount of spare time that I had.
Well, it looks like someone has noticed what I'm doing, and I'll be
putting a higher priority on it than I have been.

I'm sorry to have to say this, but there's no way that it'll be ready
by December. December is only a few days away. I don't have the time
or resources to do it yet. I have a mockup server that works, for
basic purposes.

The next thing for me to do involves, in the short term, going to
OfficeMax and buying a whiteboard and some dry-erase markers; and in
the long term, planning out the database system and the relations.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it. If you have any questions,
I'm open to them. They just give me more ideas!

Austin Burk
^o^~# bye now!
id:austinburk on Hatena

November 15, 2013

Regarding my flipnote server

Hey there!

I just thought I should say that, because I'm going to be very busy
until at least December, my flipnote project is on hold. It's just
until I can find the time to work on it...if anyone shows any

What would you think about a wirelessly-chargeable Nintendo DSi?

November 3, 2013

FlashMe, and a lesson learned about the sun.

Today I installed FlashMe on both of my hacked-together DS Lites (the
ones I use for running distribution servers). One of those things
required a 1 kiloohm resistor b/tw two contacts on the board to trick
the DS into thinking it had both screens going. I had to jump the
anode for the 12V backlight on the bottom LCD because the mainboard's
connectors were messed up. I also directly soldered a power cable to
the charging pins so I could just leave the DS lite running.

Well, I learned my lesson about putting my DSs in the sun today: I
picked them up and they were burning hot. My personal DSi stopped
working for a few hours, but now it's working fine. From now on, the
only part of a DS that I'll leave in the sun will be the external
Yagis I'm using to extend the distribution range across the street
from my bedroom window.

Have a good evening!


October 31, 2013

Some photos; DS Download Stations.

Hi there!
I thought I should post, not having posted anything recently.
I've been busy, though not on the Flipnote server. I'll have time for that later this year.
My DS Download Stations (I have volume 2 and 19):

I fix broken DSis and sell them. I piled all my stuff on my workbench and took a picture:

 I can have some fun because of all the extra parts:

There you go. 

Have a nice day, and please comment and ask questions.

October 27, 2013

I sell refurbished DSs!

I've been fixing and am now selling refurbished Nintendo DSis on eBay.

I'll post some fun pictures soon.

by Austin Burk

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Nintendo + Networking | Flipnote Server

October 3, 2013

Network Captures Needed

If you have a network capture of Flipnote Hatena before it shut down, please contact me, by way of comment or Google+ Message.


by Austin Burk

September 21, 2013

DSi Menu Dialog Dump

I don't have anything to post right now because I can't test my Flipnote server at the moment.
Here, have a dump of the messages in the DSi Menu/Launcher after the break.

September 15, 2013

Successful Flipnote Upload!

I've successfully posted a flipnote to my test channel on my flipnote server.
It's all still in testing. Here's a video:

Share, +1, add stars, COMMENT PLZ, follow this blog!


Flipnote Server Video #2


A day or so ago I posted a video of my DSi connecting to my flipnote server. I have since automated the page generation using PHP (well, it's a work in progress, but I can feed strings in and generate custom headings.) I made a flipnote and am working on the flipnote viewing page as well as handling 'Add Star' events as well as the download count checker and next, the comment section.

Please please please comment and add stars. Yes, that's right, my blog supports Hatena Star. You can also Google+1 this blog as well.

 Right now, I have a grand total of three comments on my blog, all from years ago, one which was a "Happy Birthday Austin!".

Have a nice day! :D


September 13, 2013

Flipnote Server Test

I made a wireframe Flipnote Hatena server. It's not perfect; for from it. It needs tons of work; but this proves that it can and, with enough effort, will work.


And please comment HERE and on YouTube.

-Austin Burk

Flipnote Studio (US) File Structure

Hello there! I've just disassembled Flipnote Studio!

Nintendo DS ROMS, unlike GBA games, which are solid datablocks with a lot of address pointers, have an actual filesystem-like hierarchy.
Let's look at the root directory.

OVERLAY is a folder, with nothing in it.
ARM7.bin and ARM9.bin contain the actual Flipnote Studio application. ARM9.BIN is 927 KB and ARM7 is 155KB.
There is also BANNER.BIN, which contains the Flipnote Frog icon (facing forward when inanimate. Think of DSi (not DSiWare) games and their icons when they are in a DSi or 3DS vs a DS Lite.)

HEADER.BIN contains the title, internal name, stuff to display in the DSi menu... UGOMEMO-V2, I think.

Y7.BIN and Y9.BIN - I don't know what these are for. Maybe something memory-related?
--DATA folder.
This contains 4 folders: LocalizeData, ManualData, SampleData.US, and Sound.
Contains two files: DSMemoPad.sdat (DS synthesizer/Nitro Composer sound data file)
This is actually a playable wav file.
In the Japanese version, creators could take photos directly from Flipnote Studio. It's the shutter sound.
--DSMemoPad.sdat is formatted like a normal sdat.
Inside DSMemoPad.sdat:
Five folders (well, I made the folders, it's not necessarily a folder structure):
SSEQ Sound Sequences: Music and stuff. Has 1 playable file: SEQ_STAFF_ROLL (the credits music).
SSAR - Has a file called SEQARC_SYSTEM_SE
SBNK- Sound Bank. Contains a bank of sound clips that make up the music and sfx. (BANK_BASIC)
SWAR- Now this is cool. Contains WAVEARC_STATIC, which I managed to extract no less than 33 sound samples from. (SWAV_0 to SWAV_32). I converted them to wav files. SWAV_4 is the flipnote frog's ribbit.
STRM - Stream. Nothing here.

More to come later. Please comment.


September 11, 2013

NTFT Decoding Output

Hi there!

Here's some output files I got from decoding the ntfts.. They're not perfect, but they're better than nothing. Check 'em out!:

September 9, 2013

NTFT progress made!

I just got this output picture from an ntft file, used in Flipnote Hatena.

And changing a setting or two and fixing the palette order:

Some output files will be coming soon. I'm pretty happy to have had this breakthrough.


September 7, 2013

I'm making progress! (Post 1)

Have some Flipnote Studio Pictures:

More to come for sure!
I've made it so .ugo files are handled like php's. I still have to get the ugo file from the original flipnote server but hope to figure out why that isn't working soon.

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August 29, 2013

I'm back and in business!

Hi everybody! (Well, nobody really reads this blog, but hey!)

I now have a hybrid DSi! It's a combination of a blue DSi with a dead top screen and the third black DSi I've owned (The other two stopped working for... reasons.) I took both of them apart and put the top of the dead DSi on the blue one. Three cheers for ribbon cables!

So now I'm back on the homebrew and Nintendo hacking scene.

What did I miss...?

Oh, no! Flipnote Hatena is gone. Maybe I can make a new one and people could redirect their DSi's to mine. After all, at one point I tried my hand at decoding ugos, and Peder Sundt, ( reverse-engineered the flipnote protocol and created a PPM player in Python. Say hi to him for me.

There seems to be a new subdomain of, oh, hahaha..

"Rob was here". Hrm.

Big void space here because I'm tired of messing with bloggers formatting.

Well, you know all the Nintendo Wifi Connection URIs? All the things like ?

That's the GTS, by the way. That's right, folks, the GTS and likely a lot of other Wi-Fi Connections stuff is run off of, which is Microsoft. Also, fuzzing that stuff (pid=!@#$%^&) gives us a local file path of the webserver:

Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch
/pokemondpds/web/, line 37

Anyways, you can get all of those game names like pokemondpds (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl DS) by searching and finding stuff like this:

Which has listings like this:

PlanetBattlefield QuickMatch Vietnam          pbfqmv          9wk3Lo
PlanetSide                                    planetside      yQzrrQ
Playground  Automatch (DS)                    playgrounddsam  o6JWLk
Playground (DS)                               playgroundds    o6JWLk
Plunder  Automatch (PC)                       plunderpcam     NmLqNN
Plunder  Automatch (PS3)                      plunderps3am    RbMD9p
Plunder  Demo (PS3)                           plunderps3d     RbMD9p
Plunder Demo (PC)                             plunderpcd      NmLqNN                                      pogo            
Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)               pokebattlewii   TzRgSc
Pokemon Diamond-Pearl (DS)                    pokemondpds     1vTlwb
Pokemon Dungeon (Wii)                         pokedngnwii     AKikuw
Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon (DS)               pokedungeonds   SVbm3x
Pokemon Platinum (DS)                         pokemonplatds   IIup73
Pokemon Ranger 2 (DS)                         pokerangerds    v4yMCT
Pool of Radiance 2                            por2            9agW5H
Pool Shark 2 (PC)                             poolshark2pc    teH26Z
Pool Shark 2 (PS2)                            poolshark2ps2   teH26Z
Pop (WiiWare)                                 popwii          cQbQkV
Populous: The Beginning                       populoustb      qik37G
Postal 2                                      postal2         yw3R9c
Postal 2 Demo                                 postal2d        yw3R9c
PostPetDS Yumemiru Momo to Fushigi no Pen (DS postpetds       126D8H
PowaProkun Pocket10 (DS)                      PowaPPocketds   Mz5dau
Powerful Koushien (DS)                        powerkoushds    nTHkC7

These have to do with Gamespy. Nintendo, and other gaming companies, use Gamespy to track and help run their online services, like the Wi-Fi Connection.

Here's an example of what game developers would use when implementing Gamespy's sake storage server (you can find some of this stuff when searching for stuff, too)

I have tons more to post, but I can't give you everything in one post! Plus I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Bye, guys!

Sudofox (Austin Burk)