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August 29, 2013

I'm back and in business!

Hi everybody! (Well, nobody really reads this blog, but hey!)

I now have a hybrid DSi! It's a combination of a blue DSi with a dead top screen and the third black DSi I've owned (The other two stopped working for... reasons.) I took both of them apart and put the top of the dead DSi on the blue one. Three cheers for ribbon cables!

So now I'm back on the homebrew and Nintendo hacking scene.

What did I miss...?

Oh, no! Flipnote Hatena is gone. Maybe I can make a new one and people could redirect their DSi's to mine. After all, at one point I tried my hand at decoding ugos, and Peder Sundt, ( reverse-engineered the flipnote protocol and created a PPM player in Python. Say hi to him for me.

There seems to be a new subdomain of, oh, hahaha..

"Rob was here". Hrm.

Big void space here because I'm tired of messing with bloggers formatting.

Well, you know all the Nintendo Wifi Connection URIs? All the things like ?

That's the GTS, by the way. That's right, folks, the GTS and likely a lot of other Wi-Fi Connections stuff is run off of, which is Microsoft. Also, fuzzing that stuff (pid=!@#$%^&) gives us a local file path of the webserver:

Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch
/pokemondpds/web/, line 37

Anyways, you can get all of those game names like pokemondpds (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl DS) by searching and finding stuff like this:

Which has listings like this:

PlanetBattlefield QuickMatch Vietnam          pbfqmv          9wk3Lo
PlanetSide                                    planetside      yQzrrQ
Playground  Automatch (DS)                    playgrounddsam  o6JWLk
Playground (DS)                               playgroundds    o6JWLk
Plunder  Automatch (PC)                       plunderpcam     NmLqNN
Plunder  Automatch (PS3)                      plunderps3am    RbMD9p
Plunder  Demo (PS3)                           plunderps3d     RbMD9p
Plunder Demo (PC)                             plunderpcd      NmLqNN                                      pogo            
Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)               pokebattlewii   TzRgSc
Pokemon Diamond-Pearl (DS)                    pokemondpds     1vTlwb
Pokemon Dungeon (Wii)                         pokedngnwii     AKikuw
Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon (DS)               pokedungeonds   SVbm3x
Pokemon Platinum (DS)                         pokemonplatds   IIup73
Pokemon Ranger 2 (DS)                         pokerangerds    v4yMCT
Pool of Radiance 2                            por2            9agW5H
Pool Shark 2 (PC)                             poolshark2pc    teH26Z
Pool Shark 2 (PS2)                            poolshark2ps2   teH26Z
Pop (WiiWare)                                 popwii          cQbQkV
Populous: The Beginning                       populoustb      qik37G
Postal 2                                      postal2         yw3R9c
Postal 2 Demo                                 postal2d        yw3R9c
PostPetDS Yumemiru Momo to Fushigi no Pen (DS postpetds       126D8H
PowaProkun Pocket10 (DS)                      PowaPPocketds   Mz5dau
Powerful Koushien (DS)                        powerkoushds    nTHkC7

These have to do with Gamespy. Nintendo, and other gaming companies, use Gamespy to track and help run their online services, like the Wi-Fi Connection.

Here's an example of what game developers would use when implementing Gamespy's sake storage server (you can find some of this stuff when searching for stuff, too)

I have tons more to post, but I can't give you everything in one post! Plus I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Bye, guys!

Sudofox (Austin Burk)