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September 21, 2013

DSi Menu Dialog Dump

I don't have anything to post right now because I can't test my Flipnote server at the moment.
Here, have a dump of the messages in the DSi Menu/Launcher after the break.

September 15, 2013

Successful Flipnote Upload!

I've successfully posted a flipnote to my test channel on my flipnote server.
It's all still in testing. Here's a video:

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Flipnote Server Video #2


A day or so ago I posted a video of my DSi connecting to my flipnote server. I have since automated the page generation using PHP (well, it's a work in progress, but I can feed strings in and generate custom headings.) I made a flipnote and am working on the flipnote viewing page as well as handling 'Add Star' events as well as the download count checker and next, the comment section.

Please please please comment and add stars. Yes, that's right, my blog supports Hatena Star. You can also Google+1 this blog as well.

 Right now, I have a grand total of three comments on my blog, all from years ago, one which was a "Happy Birthday Austin!".

Have a nice day! :D


September 13, 2013

Flipnote Server Test

I made a wireframe Flipnote Hatena server. It's not perfect; for from it. It needs tons of work; but this proves that it can and, with enough effort, will work.


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-Austin Burk

Flipnote Studio (US) File Structure

Hello there! I've just disassembled Flipnote Studio!

Nintendo DS ROMS, unlike GBA games, which are solid datablocks with a lot of address pointers, have an actual filesystem-like hierarchy.
Let's look at the root directory.

OVERLAY is a folder, with nothing in it.
ARM7.bin and ARM9.bin contain the actual Flipnote Studio application. ARM9.BIN is 927 KB and ARM7 is 155KB.
There is also BANNER.BIN, which contains the Flipnote Frog icon (facing forward when inanimate. Think of DSi (not DSiWare) games and their icons when they are in a DSi or 3DS vs a DS Lite.)

HEADER.BIN contains the title, internal name, stuff to display in the DSi menu... UGOMEMO-V2, I think.

Y7.BIN and Y9.BIN - I don't know what these are for. Maybe something memory-related?
--DATA folder.
This contains 4 folders: LocalizeData, ManualData, SampleData.US, and Sound.
Contains two files: DSMemoPad.sdat (DS synthesizer/Nitro Composer sound data file)
This is actually a playable wav file.
In the Japanese version, creators could take photos directly from Flipnote Studio. It's the shutter sound.
--DSMemoPad.sdat is formatted like a normal sdat.
Inside DSMemoPad.sdat:
Five folders (well, I made the folders, it's not necessarily a folder structure):
SSEQ Sound Sequences: Music and stuff. Has 1 playable file: SEQ_STAFF_ROLL (the credits music).
SSAR - Has a file called SEQARC_SYSTEM_SE
SBNK- Sound Bank. Contains a bank of sound clips that make up the music and sfx. (BANK_BASIC)
SWAR- Now this is cool. Contains WAVEARC_STATIC, which I managed to extract no less than 33 sound samples from. (SWAV_0 to SWAV_32). I converted them to wav files. SWAV_4 is the flipnote frog's ribbit.
STRM - Stream. Nothing here.

More to come later. Please comment.


September 11, 2013

NTFT Decoding Output

Hi there!

Here's some output files I got from decoding the ntfts.. They're not perfect, but they're better than nothing. Check 'em out!:

September 9, 2013

NTFT progress made!

I just got this output picture from an ntft file, used in Flipnote Hatena.

And changing a setting or two and fixing the palette order:

Some output files will be coming soon. I'm pretty happy to have had this breakthrough.


September 7, 2013

I'm making progress! (Post 1)

Have some Flipnote Studio Pictures:

More to come for sure!
I've made it so .ugo files are handled like php's. I still have to get the ugo file from the original flipnote server but hope to figure out why that isn't working soon.

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