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November 3, 2013

FlashMe, and a lesson learned about the sun.

Today I installed FlashMe on both of my hacked-together DS Lites (the
ones I use for running distribution servers). One of those things
required a 1 kiloohm resistor b/tw two contacts on the board to trick
the DS into thinking it had both screens going. I had to jump the
anode for the 12V backlight on the bottom LCD because the mainboard's
connectors were messed up. I also directly soldered a power cable to
the charging pins so I could just leave the DS lite running.

Well, I learned my lesson about putting my DSs in the sun today: I
picked them up and they were burning hot. My personal DSi stopped
working for a few hours, but now it's working fine. From now on, the
only part of a DS that I'll leave in the sun will be the external
Yagis I'm using to extend the distribution range across the street
from my bedroom window.

Have a good evening!