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February 18, 2014

Yay! Sudomemo has moved to !

Yay! Sudomemo has moved to !

Please change your DSi settings from to

Also, please update all links to to point to as I will take down the .tk domain in a month.

February 14, 2014

Skitty~san... :'(

In remembrance of Skitty~san, Jayah Jackson, a beloved creator from Flipnote Hatena who took her life yesterday, I've shut down Sudomemo for a few days.

If you have any unmodified copies of her flipnotes, please upload them for what I'm making here:

February 7, 2014

Update: Chatrooms and Flipnote posting.

Sudofox's Flipnote Hatena Service:

The chatrooms on Sudomemo have now been streamlined for efficiency, and I quickly fixed the flipnote list problem (an issue with empty entries in the database).  You can post flipnotes to your heart's content.

As always,

DSi wifi connection setup:
1. Erase your wifi config if it's in slots 1-3
2.Set up your wifi in one of the last three wifi slots
3. Change settings:
Proxy server:
Port:  80

February 1, 2014

Sudomemo Released

A few hours ago I release Sudomemo. What do you think?

Connection instructions are the same as last time!


January 31, 2014

Completely revamped Sudomemo server coming soon!

The next iteration of Sudomemo is coming soon. You'll be able to view, post, and save flipnotes, as well as access the Details for them as well. All of the flipnotes that were posted to SudomemoDemo (v0.1) will be on there.

Comments are coming later, but they're high up on my priority list.
The "Add Star" function hasn't been implemented yet (it's dependent on users, which are further down the path) , but just for fun I've left the buttons on, each set to 9001...

...I just realized why the star buttons were set to that particular's over nine thousand...oh, you :P ...

...anyways, they're all set to 9001 stars available. The stars won't stay, but I just thought, "Hey, why not?"

You can leave feedback for me from the Main Menu, post flipnotes, and whatever other features I'll put there. I'm currently rewriting the server completely in PHP—I started from scratch this week, and now you can post flipnotes and watch them (which is more work than you might think). The details page was more relaxing to do, as I could just plug in values from the database.

It wasn't super-easy, though—to get dates to display correctly, for example, I have to add 30 years (in seconds) to any timestamps, due to the Unix epoch being on 1/1/1970; as opposed to the Nintendo DSi epoch, which is on 1/1/2000.

Tell your friends! I update the Facebook page most often, so if you Like the page, you'll be able to know as soon as I release the updated Sudomemo demonstration.

Just so you can keep things straight, I'm going to start using version numbers, and incrementing by .1 each new version, and adding letters (e.g. v0.1a) for minor additions and bugfixes.

Austin Burk (Sudofox)
My Hatena ID: id:austinburk

January 25, 2014

Update: Demo server status

I am amazed.

I wasn't expecting this kind of turnout for the little demo I put up. I expected a couple of flipnotes, not four hundred and fifty of them (thanks guys!) It broke a few things:

There's a glitch in the code that isn't separating flipnotes into pages of fifty. That resulted in the server trying to create a page with four hundred flipnotes, which is straining it badly; and when it even succeeds, the DSi can't read because it's too big.

I'm working on something better, so I'd appreciate it if you would stop trying to connect. There were regional issues, related to the DSi trying to get the terms of use for your language. I fixed that.

I'm running the whole thing on a tiny little free VPS server. Somehow, flipnote uploads are still working. I can transfer the existing uploads to the new database. I plan to shut down the demo in a few days.

Please stop trying to connect for now, and share this post around so others know too.

I've made a lot of progress on a better (real) server, mainly in PHP. It will be able to handle the load better and will fix a few things.


Hey guys! I now what's wrong with the server

Ok, the server isn't being overloaded: It's a bug where it throws an exception for when there are more than fifty flipnotes (when it's trying to render the menu). I should hopefully have it resolved this afternoon.


January 24, 2014


Update (v1.1) The connection test in the System Settings should work now.
Update (v1.2) Changing the domain from to
########## IT'S HERE! ##########

Here's the demo!

1. Open System Settings

2. Internet Settings

3. Connection Settings
 4. Advanced Setup
 5. Select your connection
 6. Change settings
  7. Proxy Settings --> Yes --> Detailed Setup
 8. "" and "80"
(not as per the picture)
 Connection test will fail, don't bother with it
Update (v1.1): I've set it up so that the connection test will work.

January 22, 2014

Guys, look!

Guys, look!

I will put up a demo Flipnote Server *as soon* as has 500 likes! You'll be able to post and watch flipnotes!

Someone go tell the Hatena staff please ;)